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13 Consistent Years of
Proven Fast, Reliable and
Cost Efficient Service

A reliable logistics provider
to global traders

  • Export Forwarding
  • Import Forwarding
  • Import / Export Brokerage
  • Customs Releasing
  • Trucking Services
  • Consolidation, Warehousing, Project Cargo & other logistics services
You maybe planning to import or export commercial products anywhere in the world or you are not happy with the performance of your existing logistics service provider?

Don't waste time. Call or email us. We will always consider you as our partner in maximizing cost savings in the supply chain. Be among the many global companies who are using our services and became our loyal customers for many years now.

  • The Company approved the accreditation of more than a dozen Truckers with with more than Three hundred (300) Trucks ready to move more than 4,000 containerized cargoes handled by the company monthly.

    Containerized Cargo Truckers
  • If our clients have the complete documents for their shipments, OALC can process and withdraw the shipments within 1 to 2 days which a lot faster than the industry's processing average of one week.

    Paper importer, Cellphone manufacturer, commodity trader
  • Warehousing and product distribution services are also being offered by the Company for our clients to have complete service in its supply chain.

    International trading company distributing products in the Philippines
  • Cargoes are being monitored by at least two groups to allow independent monitoring and counter checking.  It ensures fast and focused processing of shipments for the benefit of our clients.

    Oneworld Alliance Logistics Corporation & SFM Express